you can contact me at:

(+61)   0417 347 903


3 Responses to Contact

  1. Charles "Chip" Ernst says:

    I know things are crazy and hectic and all that, take a deep breath and hold it in, after you have done this a few times, give some thought to your priorities, Not everybody’s around you, yours…Getting back on a plane to come back to South America will be tough, but you are up for it! Wind therapy is fine at this stage…Ride the Wind Kevin! Ride the Wind!

  2. Chileshe says:

    was nice meeting u and inspired by seeing your travels, even riding in Iran….
    Now u in Zambia (Mpika Town) and that guy asking about your bike, wish he could read your blog
    *your bike costs 3000$*
    Travel well

    • swima banda says:

      Didnt say $3000 ba chileshe…..i said 74000 rands for a 2007 used bmw 1200.that is Almost us$9000…..

      Have a great ride through our beautiful country kevin…..hope we meet on two wheels

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