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I made it back to the BMW garage just in time to pick up my bike and gear. Then I went back my hotel repacked and loaded it up for an early departure to beat the Lima traffic    (if … Continue reading

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Machu picchu

I flew down to Cusco and met up with a few friends that have been riding the ride as well. I hired myself a little 250cc Honda of some sorts and we set out the following morning for a little … Continue reading

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Lima to Cusco

I’m sitting here in an Airport once again, this time awaiting a flight to Cusco so I can go and see Machu Picchu. The computer unit for my bike is in the post thanks to Steve in BMW cork. It … Continue reading

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Well I’m still here in Lima . My bike problem has gotten worse. Who builds a bike with an immobiliser that locks the owner out. The reason I bought a BMW is because there suppose to be reliable.  They put these devises in bikes so … Continue reading

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Dakar or Bust

I stayed the night in a place Called Mancora, it’s a little beach town in northern Peru. I didn’t get to see much of it though as I had an early start and a long days ride ahead of me. … Continue reading

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Ecuador – Peru

After another 21 hour journey I made it back to Quito Ecuador at 12 midnight. I hopped in a cab and found a hotel that was located near where I stored my motorcycle. The next morning I retrieved my bike, … Continue reading

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