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Fairbanks to Chicken

Yes it’s called “Chicken” a tiny town in the middle of some mountain range between a town called Tok in Alaska and Dawson city, Canada. I didn’t really plan on staying here but I missed the border crossing after racing … Continue reading

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Prudhoe bay to Coldfoot

As you can imagine there’s not much a doing on top of the world. The weather’s a little Arctic to say the least. The only people up there are oil rig workers that spend their time counting the minutes until … Continue reading

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Artic Circle

After eight hundred km’s through mountains an dirt I’ve made it to the top of the world, Prudhoe bay Alaska. Any further north an I’m in the Arctic Ocean. It’s bright twenty fours a day and almost zero degrees right … Continue reading

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Anchorage to Fairbanks

Well I’m now in Fairbanks after a 600km ride. I wont mention the fact that I forgot the Seppos still use the imperial system and that I almost ran out of fuel in the middle of butt hole nowhere,I rode … Continue reading

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After twenty one hours in the air travelling backwards through time I’ve finally arrived in Anchorage Alaska, the starting point for this aimless adventure. Just inside the Airport terminal I noticed a stuffed bear menacingly staring at me from behind … Continue reading


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The begining

My bike is in the Air and should be in Anchorage Alaska Friday the 12th of Aug. With a bit of luck I’ll have it cleared from Customs and on the road the following Monday. When things get interesting I’ll … Continue reading

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