Fairbanks to Chicken

Yes it’s called “Chicken” a tiny town in the middle of some mountain range between a town called Tok in Alaska and Dawson city, Canada. I didn’t really plan on staying here but I missed the border crossing after racing 65 km on dirt roads to get there before 6pm. It was another mile/km issue. Anywho I returned to chicken to spend the night. An interesting place that consists of a saloon and, that’s all I saw actually. The saloon and the restaurant where I was allowed to sleep. Along the way I went through the North Pole, a whole town devoted to Santa Clause. The street lamps are like candy cones, it’s really well done actually,  only in America. I also spotted a moose along the way,  I shouted at him so he’d lift his head and stop eating for a second so I could take a photo, he looked up as if to say screw you buddy and went back to eating. I later found out that a moose killed a guy last year outside Alaska university. apparently they have a mean streak, fascinating stuff I know.

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4 Responses to Fairbanks to Chicken

  1. trishkav says:

    Beautiful looking scenery!

  2. kaye OKeeffe says:

    Glad you’ve left those bears behind and heading back to civilisation. Take care. xxx

  3. Rob says:

    Hey Kev I hope you posted all your relations a Christmas card from North Pole !

  4. robert perinich says:

    Hey mate ..id have shot straight back to chicken town after seeing that bear… sounds like my kind of place….stay safe buddy…

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