Dawson city to Watson lake,

I ended up spending the whole day in Dawson city, an interesting place for sure. It’s an old gold mining town that now survives on tourist dollars. There’s still board walks through out town and its got that old west feel about it. The locals are friendly enough.They all look as if they’ve just emerged from the mountains to collect supply’s and find out who’s frozen to death lately before getting horribly drunk and meandering back to from where they once came for another winter.
There’s a bar in town that sells a sour toe cocktail. It’s actually a real human’s severed toe. The saying goes,” you can drink it fast or drink it slow but lips must touch the toe”…you get the idea. That toe emerges after 9pm and spends its night in the mouths of strangers. It’s not the original toe either, apparently the original along with a few others have been ingested by hungry patrons over the years. Now people will their toes to the pub so they can both delight and disgust tourists.

Around 12 the following day I left town and rode 840km, almost all the way to Watson lake. It was one of them days I just felt like riding. I finally pulled up at a motel at 11pm frozen stiff. I’ve given up on camping here, come evening it gets real cold. I spent the day riding thought the most amassing scenery, Honestly you could stop every 5 minutes and be amazed at the sight in front of you. At one stage the view in my rear view mirror was so good I nearly rode right off the road. Oh and I saw another bear, a black one this time.

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