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South Africa

I was across the border and riding through South Africa right in time for the mid-day sun. I headed for the town of Springbok about 110 km from the crossing and found a shack in a campground to call home … Continue reading

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The Zambian/Namibian border crossing was the easiest I have ever undertaken. The whole thing took fifteen minutes and that included time spent changing money. The difference between the two countries is immediately noticeable. About 2 km from the border there … Continue reading

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Zambia The border crossing was a breeze just like every other African crossing bar Egypt. It took an hour or so to undertake the formalities before I was free in a new country. The people here are fantastically friendly and … Continue reading

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Tanzania The border crossing was a breeze except for the constant hounding of insurance salesman. I didn’t purchase any here as I believe it to be a scam. Here’s hoping it is. Even the Kenyan customs officials were in on … Continue reading

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Hell road certainly lived up to its reputation. We left at dawn heading out through the sleeping town of Moyale into the unknown. A few km out there was an unrolled truck tire full of nails lying across the dirt … Continue reading

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Part II From Argash lodge we headed back around the Lake Awasa. To a place called Arba Minch on Lake Chamo where we stayed at a place called Paradise Lodge. The roads were good and the ride easy enough. Paradise … Continue reading

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Part I As soon as you cross the border the road starts to raise, the landscape changes and the temperature drops dramatically. This was a most welcome change. Ethiopia, 13 months of sunshine the slogan reads. The date in Ethiopia … Continue reading

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Sudan, Getting off the ferry was as delightful as getting on. For some reason some dignitary pulled up alongside and decided to join the overloaded boat with his entourage in tow. We had to fill out some paperwork on board … Continue reading

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Egypt part II

The following morning I left Hurghada and set off through what I presume to be the Sahara desert for the ancient city of Luxor. Along the way I pulled over to have a break about 100 km from anywhere. As … Continue reading

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Egypt part I

Egypt part I I left my hotel in Tobruk Libya around 6:30 am and reached the Egyptian border an hour and a half later. Exiting Libya was a breeze; In fact I didn’t even know I had exited until I … Continue reading

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