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Banghazi to Tubruk

I left Benghazi around 8:30 am heading for Tubruk, my GPS had it as a 6 hour ride along the coast. About 50 km out of town a car pulled up beside me as I was riding along. The driver … Continue reading

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I reached the border around 2 o’clock. It was chaotic with people everywhere. There were four lines of cars about 500 meters long heading out of the country. I skipped the line and shot to the front but that didn’t … Continue reading

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Africa bound/ Tunisia

The Grandi Navi Veloci the pride of the Italian fleet was scheduled to sail at 10 am. For some reason the passengers were requested to be there for 8:30 am. I can only guess that they wanted a welcoming committee … Continue reading

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Rome to the colonies

So I said goodbye to Rome giving it my best regards, tipped my hat to Marcus Aurelius the last of the great emperors and followed a flashing ambulance right out of the city. I was headed for the ancient Roman … Continue reading

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On the road again.

It’s been eighteen months since I have posted on this site, eighteen months of patient waiting and planning but now I’m finally back on the road once more. Let me quickly fill in the missing past for you. I returned … Continue reading

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The final ride in the Americas – Terra del Fuego – Buenos Aires

The ride from Ushuaia through Terra Del Fuego towards Buenos Aires was a mix of emotions for me. I was glad to be heading north towards sunshine once again but sad that this was going to be the last part … Continue reading

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Terra Del Fuego

After riding 70,000 km through 35 countries from Australia through Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North, Central and South America I have reached the end of the world,       Ushuaia Argentina! The ride from Porto Areanas to Terra Del Fuego … Continue reading

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Chile – Argentina – Chile

Crossing into Argentina was easy and hassle free, the process took 10 min at each side once we found the border. After entering we rode onto the first town and set up camp. The differences between the countries and people … Continue reading

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Santiago – Patagonia

We rented an apartment and spent two nights in Santiago. We had to get supplies for the trip south as this was the last major city. It’s a nice city as cities go but I’ve had enough of concrete jungles … Continue reading

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Bolivia – Chile

We left Potasi after a hearty breakfast of bread and jam and headed for the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flats which sit at 3653 meters above sea level and covers 12000 square km. It was only 200km … Continue reading

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