Terra Del Fuego

After riding 70,000 km through 35 countries from Australia through Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North, Central and South America I have reached the end of the world,       Ushuaia Argentina!

The ride from Porto Areanas to Terra Del Fuego was great; It had a mix of everything thrown in. There was 100 km of dirt to contend with once we disembarked from the ferry. This was both exciting and dangerous and served as a reminder of what I’ve gone through for the last seven months whilst riding from Alaska to Argentina. There was also a border crossing to deal with down here. We had to cross back to Argentina to reach Ushuaia on the island of Terra Del Fuego.

From the ferry we were able to watch dolphins play in the wake of the boat as we crossed. This was a sign of things to come; this part of the world is full of wildlife. We camped in the wilds about 150km from Ushuaia, in a forest beside’s a river. I woke up early the next morning and found our camp site surrounded with grazing alpaca. They were soon scared off by a wild dog that appeared from nowhere, a wild hungry looking dog. He set off after a cria that was being carefully guarded by its mother. There’s also are all manner of birds down here, eagles are plentiful but they always take off before I can get a good picture.

From here we had to ride the last 150km through rain-soaked mountains. The fog was so ticked through the top that I could barely see the yellow line in the center of the road. It wouldn’t seem right to have good weather down here but that’s exactly what we arrived into town to find, the sun was there to welcome us. I had gotten split up from Mark and Andre on the way in and as I was waiting in town for them to pass I met a buddy of mine who happened to be walking past, Greg from Canada. I first met Greg in Alaska when I was returning from Prudhoe Bay; he has also ridden the same ride over the last seven months. We all went to the Dublin Irish bar to celebrate reaching another mile stone and we celebrated well into the night.

The following day we went as far as the road will take you to a point named Bahia Lapataia. This is the end of the road, you can go no further south than here without getting wet. The obligatory photo with the sign was taken before we went in search of some wildlife. From here the road goes north back to Buenos Aires which I’ll be taking in a few days. I haven’t ridden north in seven months, it will be good to have the sun in my face for a change.

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11 Responses to Terra Del Fuego

  1. Greg Powell says:

    Congratulations my friend!! Hope to see you on the road again soon.

  2. Trish says:

    Well done babe. What a ride! Time to come home now! Enjoy the ride up to Beunos Aires xx

  3. Liam McILhone says:

    Congratulations Kev. Hope the trip up to BA is windless! (you wish!)

  4. joe the celt says:

    Congrats Kev, its some feeling being at the bottom
    of the world, here go to the post office and he will stamp
    your passport with dates and the like… he knows me 🙂

  5. ted jordan says:

    Congrats ,enjoy the ride north is it all uphill lol .

  6. Hickery/ Muskoka On says:

    Congrats on this completed leg of your journey…….I have certainly enjoyed riding along..
    All the Best

  7. Rob says:

    Congratulations on reaching the “end of the world” Kev (and “taking” me along with you) Its been great to follow along and I look forward to more!!

  8. Auntie Ann says:

    Congrats Kev on finally getting there in spite of everything. Will miss the excitement!!!! Safe journey north then east.When will we see you in Cork again, or will I have to go to Oz?

  9. mitchellrob says:

    testing testing top dog here

  10. joe the celt says:

    Happy St Pat’s Day Kev have a good one

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