Watson lake to Hyder Alaska

In 1944 a guy placed a sign at a cross roads in Watson lake, another fellow thought it a good idea and copied him. Today there are 17,400 signs. It’s a become a sign post forest with sign’s stolen from all over the world and placed here. It get’s bigger by the day.
Well I finished another long ride of 800km or so today in Hyder Alaska, just over the Canadian border. What an amazing ride. The fact that It rained hard for most of the day couldn’t dampen my spirits. I saw 15 Black bears including sow’s with their cubs along the way. You have to sneak up on them because there shy and run off when they see you. I’ve also ridden through the most amazing glaciers I’ve ever seen. The ice sit’s perched precariously atop mountains for the last 50 km of the ride to Hyder. There are signs for glacier¬†avalanches along the road. You can even see chunks the size of buildings that have fallen off and crashed or slid to ground below. It would be awesome to witness this but I fear you may not live to tell about it. Hopefully the rain will stop so I can ride to the top of one of these massive chunks of ice.

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3 Responses to Watson lake to Hyder Alaska

  1. Rob says:

    Dumb question (given the Yanks love of guns) but are they allowed to shoot bears? What camera are you using – stunning photos.

    • KevOK says:

      Hey Rob, you cant shoot bears unless your in danger yourself. I’m using a cannon 1000 dslr, takes great shots for sure

  2. Rob says:

    And have you been tempted to jump in any of the rivers and catch salmon with your bare hands?
    Are are there more bears than motorbikes up there? On ADV it seems like every man and his dog does that trip – or at least wants too (me too!) yet all the photos suggest vast spaces with no people, and you mention 20 bears.

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