Well I’m still here in Lima . My bike problem has gotten worse. Who builds a bike with an immobiliser that locks the owner out. The reason I bought a BMW is because there suppose to be reliable.  They put these devises in bikes so they cant be stolen but they can still be picked up and put in the back of a van very easily and stripped for parts so what’s the point. They have been working on her all day and now reckon she needs a new computer. Easily fixed if you have one and a spare $800 but unfortunately there are none about. I may have to get one sent from my friend Steve in BMW Cork because it will be faster than the garage getting it but I’m not entirely confident that the computer is the problem. I could be sitting around here waiting for a part I don’t need. The garage reckon it could take them weeks to get it.

I’ve seen the sights of Lima already, It’s massive with massive contrasts between the have’s and have not’s. One area will be completely different from the next .The people are friendly here so that’s great but the road is calling out to me, it needs me and I need it.

I went to see the Dakar rally come to town which was interesting enough, couldn’t get near the podium though. It was reserved for people who didn’t know what they were looking at. The podium was in the old town square and the ordinary people couldn’t get near, you couldn’t even get near the roads leading to the square. Watching it on TV afterwards it looked better outside anyway’s, the atmosphere was electric with riders popping wheelie’s, cars and trucks doing do-nuts and burnouts before entering the square. It was nothing like it would have been going through the desert but at least I got to see the vehicles.

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  1. Hickery/ Muskoka On says:

    Kev….sorry to hear about your problem…….I am going to give you an email address of Ian Wolf, He and his wife own a BMW bike dealership in London Ontario Canada.He is a master service tech and Mechanical Engineer………I had a problem with my ABS breaks which normally would have required replacing the computer but he new a shortcut and fooled the computer which fixed my problem….this was on A bike I bought in the USA and he was most accommodating …Maybe he can give you some advise for the Lima mechanics…keep your file info to less than 20kb…BE BREIF

    Best wishes


    • KevOK says:

      Hi Bob,
      thanks very much for your help buddy, I’ll send him on an email, I’ve ordered the computer anyhow, I’m just hoping that it is the problem. I’m worried about having enough time to make the bottom of the continent as it will be cold there end of feb so I really am trying everything. there’s still a hell of a lot i want to see on route.

      • Hickery/ Muskoka On says:

        Following your trip closely and enjoying it unfold….I am embarking on a similar trip end of May to Deadhorse and back to Bracebridge Ontario then on to CA and South America the 1st of September…….I am retired so will be in no hurry other than trying to get through Central America ahead of the Heavy rains……..

        All the Best

  2. Hickery/ Muskoka On says:

    Sorry Kev….Ian last name is McQueen…..the dealership is Wolf BMW


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