Guatemala city – Antigua

It was an early start for the city of Guatemala, the morning was foggy wet and uninviting. We left some hotel at 7am to tackle the road through the mountains. It must have rained pretty heavy during the night as there were land sides everywhere. The fog was so thick visibility was down to about 20 meters so it was slow going for the first two hours.
We met up with a few adventure riders from the city about 2 hours outside and had breakfast. They had been tracking us on a web site and came to welcome us to their city. Fantastic guys, Juan, Ivan and Roberto all on BMW’s themselves. They escorted us to the motorrad garage in the city. Its a fairly big place so it was real lucky we had these guys to guide us in. We dropped the bikes off to have some work done on them. I needed the seal in my final drive replaced, a new spoke in the rear wheel, my front wheel balanced and an overall service. I’ve put 19,000km on the bike since I got to the America’s, 19,000 in seven weeks, a very enjoyable 19,000 too. I also needed a rear tire, the one I wanted they didn’t have in stock so Juan drove me across town to get it, what a nice guy. They took us out for dinner and beers to a German club that night and paid for the whole think too. I hope I can repay them some day for their generosity.
Then next day I picked up my bike and rode to Antigua about 40 min away. My Australian friends are staying with local families for a while doing a Spanish course. I’m just hoping that one day I’ll wake up and be fluent. While having a coffee in a little cafe in the square of Antigua I got chatting with Emma an adventure rider and a Central and South American tour guide who lives here on her time off. She took me to a hotel nearby but they were full so I’m now sharing a house with her and three others. I was given a guided tour of the city including all the bars and now I know half the expiates’ in town. I think I’ll stay for a while.

I also got electrocuted in the shower this morning.

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2 Responses to Guatemala city – Antigua

  1. killian74 says:

    Ah yes I remember those shower fittings. Many a cold shower was had rather than place trust in running water over an exposed wire.
    We enjoyed Antigua too – hey if you’re interested and have time, you can hike up a live volcano nearby. They have these crazy guides who bring you right up close to the running lava. Mental. Just make sure you bring a decent light (best are the ones that strap on to a hat) cos you come back when getting dark and those lava rocks are sharp.
    Fun times bro, fun times.

  2. Kelly Autridge says:

    Hey Kev….
    I should be working but im glued to your blog!! Your a great writer as well as adventure-er 😉
    Enjoying it it very much – sounds like you are too 🙂
    Thinking of you – keep safe, happy trails……X

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