Panajachel – Antigua

The power and the water finally came on at 8am but it was already too late. I had already been woken up by my own smell around seven thirty and jumped in the cold pool for a wash. Yesterday was one of the hardest days rides of the trip so far. Looking back now it was also a fantastic day, last night it was hell.

There was a hurricane along with a tropical storm approaching and we were pretty worn out so we spent the day in Panajachel watching houses and business getting washed into the river and swept out into the lake. The waterfall above the town along with all the rivers were flowing with mud and debris which made for an awesome but sad sight. There was also landslides along the two roads accessing town so we couldn’t leave even if we wanted. I spent the night tripping over the feet of a local bar manageress as she attempted to teach me to salsa.

The next morning we made an attempt to escape the ring of volcanos. We battled landslide after landslide but eventually made it over the top and out to freedom. However the storm has left a lot of roads washed out and bridges swimming so I’m not sure how free we are. I’m now back in Antigua assessing the damage and planning my route.

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2 Responses to Panajachel – Antigua

  1. killian74 says:

    The ongoing awesome adventures of Uncle Travelling Kev. Great blog.

  2. kaye OKeeffe says:

    Glad you made it out safely, the next leg of journey will be quite dull compared to this!

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