Return to El Salvador

The journey back to El Salvador has been one of the hardest I’ve ever done; I almost turned back both in London and Chicago. The last few weeks have been the toughest of my family’s life. Luckily for us we have great friends and family to help us through. Thanks to everyone for your support. I won’t ever forget it. I didn’t make the decision to return easily but in the end I know it’s what my mother would have wanted. She never understood my reason for doing pretty much anything I’ve ever done but she always supported me. Although we lived on the opposite sides of the planet she would still ring me regularly to give out and tell me to “settle down, get married and give her grandchildren” but when I took to the road she would be my biggest fan, always wanting to know where I was, who I was with, where I was staying and what I was eating. I’ll always miss her and her support but I know in my heart she’s still with me… she’ll have a better view now as well…I won’t be able to get away with anything…

I returned to El Salvador this morning after a twenty five hour journey through four countries. My bike was exactly where I left it, in the care of Alex and family at Esencia Nativa in El Zonte (, which by the way if you’re ever out this way is a great place to stay. I dug my bike out from beneath the rubble, connected the battery backup and cranked her over. She struggled a little at first, not liking being awakened from her slumber but then roared back to life itching for road. I rode her round the pool and into the car park to give her a better inspection. It’s all good, even the tank is full. I repacked her entirely and loaded her up. I’m itching to get back on the road but after being awake for thirty hours I think it best to wait till morning.
I now have eight days to make it through El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama before catching a catamaran for a five day Journey to Colombia. This is the last sailing of the year and if I don’t make it I’ll have to fly myself and the bike. All going well it should be no problem …

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10 Responses to Return to El Salvador

  1. ted jordan says:

    Good to see ya back in the saddle keep us up to date boss !!!

  2. Trish says:

    I think its about time you officially named your bike. Nothing too tacky either, no stripper names or anything like that. Something classy, Irish even. Particularly since you’re refering to her like she’s a person!

  3. Maggie Allenspach says:

    Im very happy for you Kevin, happy riding and say hello to eveybody when you catch up.
    Love Maggie x

  4. Liam McILhone says:

    Tough call and must be the right one.Best tribute will be to continue following that dream. It is not only the angels who will be looking after you now.

    Safe onward journey and don’t forget to keep us wannabes and wannadoes informed of your adventures.


  5. joe the celt says:

    Welcome back Kev

  6. Ann says:

    sorry to have missed you on Sunday Kev. Should have checked when you were leaving. We spent some time with Dad and Aoife took center stage of course!!!! Had great fun chewing Julies finger!! Take care, we are all with you in spirit. See you in March.

  7. Killian says:

    Great to have ya back for that brief few weeks, of course wish it was under better circumstances. Your mum is no doubt guiding your wheels out of them deep ass potholes!
    Keep on truckin Kevo. Well, ridin’ rather than truckin I s’pose. Or is it bikin’?
    Keep on rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

  8. Di says:

    Nice one Kev!

    Your mum would definatly be happy seeing you back on the road and so proud looking down on you from heaven! And we’re happy your back as well and we get to read about your great adventure!

    All the best.. from the Cummins’s xo

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