Banff – Nekusp – Nelson

The ride from Jasper Banff is one of the most spectacular rides I’ve ever done, it’ll be hard to beat for sure. I left Banff for a short ride of 400km or so for a “horizons unlimited” meeting. A meeting of Advernture riders from all over the world. It was on for 3 days and I only managed to catch the last one, there were some very interesting people there who had ridden in the strangest of places which are now added to my list of goals.
From Nekusp I headed to a hot spring for a soak before spending the day at a lake side beach. I’ve found summer…I’m spending the night in Nelson with a buddy I met four years ago in Syria, sore head tomorrow I’d reckon.

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3 Responses to Banff – Nekusp – Nelson

  1. ange says:

    You must have a great camera

  2. Ann O Mahony says:

    you rock Kev!!!!! Following you in M Park Ave! Wish we were there. Would need campervan tho, bums not fit for bikes!!!!! All say hi.Ann & co.

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