Nelson to Reno.

I spent a few days with my buddy Tom in Nelson BC, I think I needed a rest. It’s only been just over 2 weeks and I’ve put almost seven thousand km’s on the bike. We hiked a mountain, dank some beers and eat lots. It was a nice break, Thanks for your hospitality Tom and thanks to Heather and Trent for being my tour guides.
I left Nelson on wed morning heading state side, a ride that would take me through Washington and Idaho to Oregon . It was a nice ride, nice and confusing. I rode through wheat fields for about two hundred km’s, fascinating. I hope I never see wheat again. At one stage I was riding downhill for over one hundred km’s through some mountains. Nothing unusual about this except for the river that was running along side the road. This river varied from about 5 to 15 meters below the road side along the way, the strange thing is this river was flowing the opposite direction, uphill the whole way .I parked up in a motel in Ontario Oregon for the night. I’m still confused .
The next days ride was to Reno Nevada, A ride mostly through deserts so not much to report. I managed to get a ticket for Burning man which is on in the Blackrock desert so I’m heading out there for a few days of mayhem. I’ll be out of touch for a while…

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  1. joe the celt says:

    looking forward to the foto’s and vid’s from the “burning man”
    keep it coming

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