Desert – Lake Tahoe – San Francisco

I packed up my tent, what was left of my sanity and hit the dust for the long arduousness journey back to civilisation. My destination, a hotel and a bath tub, any hotel, any bath tub in any direction. The ride took me through the Sierra Nevada mountains to Lake Tahoe. It was a fantastic ride but I hated almost all of it. I got a hotel with a pool and through myself in, soon afterwards everyone else got out, I was covered in enough dirt and dust to change the water colour. I spent the rest of the evening washing the dust from everything that belongs to me except for my motorcycle jacket that must have decided it liked Burning Man so much it wanted to stay. It’s alright though my helmet cam is in the pocket to keep it company. It must have fallen off the back of the bike as I made my escape through the desert. It’s quiet an essential part of my kit so I’ve come to San Francisco for a replacement. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to put some flowers in my hair.

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