San Francisco- Avenue of the Giants- San Francisco

After stuffing my hair with as many flowers as I could, I took a cable car around this beautiful city. I had no idea where it was going but it got me there no worries. I seen the sites, well some of them anyhow, I’m still legally trying to get to Alcatraz. The next morning I headed to the BMW bike shop to get myself a new airflow jacket. It’s probably a good thing I lost the other one as this one is much more suited to the hotter weather. Then it was time for a ride to the Avenue of the Giants, a mere 400kms. The giant redwoods up there have to be seen to be believed, there the biggest living things on earth some of which are over 100 meters tall and 2200 years old. There was one that fell over ( I don’t know if it made a noise ) that was calculated to be over 3200 years old and had a diameter of 52 feet. I felt compelled to hug some and ended up spending the night camping amongst them. I cooked up some Punjabi eggplant on my camp fire and had a great feast with my new ancient friends.
Next morning after packing up it was time to ride back down along the coast on highway one. What a ride, defiantly amongst my top five. From a town called Legget to a town called Fort Brag ( I know I laughed too ) has to be one of the worlds most twisted roads . It winds on through the mountains for an hour. When it was over I wanted to remove all my gear and do it all again only I had gotten bitten right on the nipple by something along the way and it was hurting like hell. It left no mark only a lot of pain which is still there.
Well after hours of fun riding along the coast in the fog which was surprisingly cold I arrived back in San Fran. It was a good job that the road twisted all over, the only thing keeping me warm was throwing the bike into the corners at speed. I even worked up a sweat. I finally got myself a room and had a great nights sleep. My bike’s gone in for a service today so I’ve been riding the cable cars again. Tomorrow it’s off to Death Valley and whatever the road throws up.
PS: I cant up date my maps page at the moment.

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2 Responses to San Francisco- Avenue of the Giants- San Francisco

  1. kaye OKeeffe says:

    Hi Kev

    Those photos are great, redwood trees gigantic. Sounds like your having a whirlwind. With you all the way. XXX

  2. Trent says:

    I agree, that road down the coast to Fort Bragg is spectacular!

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