San Fran- Yosemite – Death Valley

I set some GPS co-ordinites into my phone , went and picked up my bike and headed off exploring the parts of the city I hadn’t seen. Its much easier on a bike then them cable cars. I was riding through the SF hills enjoying the scenery when suddenly I noticed that I was completly in the air, just like them old cop movies I had taken off whilst riding down hill. It was a welcome and unexpected suprise. It happened about 5 more times throughout the morning, all expected though.I could have spent the day ramping into the air but I though I’d better not push my luck. There’s cops everywhere there.
After the exploring I went back to my hotel and loaded the bike before heading to Yosemite national park. As soon as I got outside the city tempetures sored almost reaching 40 degrees celcis. I made it to the park in about 2 hours and the road started to climb and climb and climb. I had just packed away all my winter gear to the bottom of my panniers too. As I reached an altitude of about 3000 meter’s the temp plummited to 11 deg. I really got to start to pay attention to where I’m going, thats twice winter’s snuck back up on me and it aint happening again. The road through the park was fantastic all the same, I didn’t see any bears but I did see a Suzuki gsxr about 5 feet up a tree. The rider was being attended to by an Ambulance and looked, well looked alive. I was able to slip past the traffic and accelerate once more. I ended up in a town called Bishop for the night. Tomorrow it’s off to Vegas.

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