Death Valley- Las vegas- Seilgman

The ride from Death Valley to Vegas was fantastic. From a town called Big Pine I took a short cut through the north of Death Valley NP. The first 100 km of this road must have been the most fun ride I’ve ever been on. It’s like a motor cross track but sealed, it twists and turns while dipping and weaving through the mountains. I managed to get air every 5 min, even while taking corners. I only saw one car out there. If your ever on a bike out this way it’s a must. Between corners and on a flat straight of the road I noticed a snake worming it’s way across . Now I love animals and will do everything I can without endangering myself to avoid hitting them but for some reason I found myself aiming straight for this one. I have no idea what came over me. It was like I just lost control for a few seconds. I got the f**ker too. Never liked snakes, most likely didn’t even hurt it though , it was like riding over a rope.

I arrived in Vegas sweating through the mid day heat and took a ride up the strip. Some of the buildings are amazing for sure. You can you see the sights of Paris, the canals of Venice and the ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt all in one mile. I headed off to my hotel, had a swim and took a stroll about town. The Venation is worth a look and the water fountain outside the Ballagio but everything else becomes the same after a while. To many idiots shouting things like” hell yea ” n “now that’s what I’m talking about” and ” yea, Vegas baby” while slapping each other high fives for my liking. I went back to my hotel and played some black jack while gulping down the free beer, then called it a night. I don’t know how it earned the title “sin city” I doesn’t even rank on my sin city list. I think the title “pity city” would be more apt. It is worth a look though, even just to see the hotels.

The next morning I took a ride to see the creation of Mr Frank Crow, the Hoover dam. What a sight, It’s humongous. From here I rode out onto route 66 towards the grand canyon. it’s true what the Orb says in the song “fluffy clouds” the Arizona sky’s do go on forever with pinks and blues and all the colors of the rainbow mixed throughout. I was stopped in my tracks by one giant storm but I’m held up in one funky motel in one funky little town.

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  1. Ann says:

    Still following you Kev!!! Am exhausted and I havent left my chair! Mind those snakes especially the twolegged ones!!

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