Seligman-Grand Canyon-Monument valley

I hadn’t planned on stopping in Seligman but I’m glad I did. It’s an usual town full of strange stuff. It was the inspiration for the cartoon “cars”. Along the main street there’s all these vehicles from the 50’s or older parked everywhere with mannequins sitting inside. There’s motorcycles parked sideways on traffic poles and the car from tomb raider is parked on a building somewhere.
From here it was a short ride to the Grand Canyon. I pulled up on the south rim and strolled towards the viewing point, as soon as I had let one picture absorb into my camera lens the heavens opened up and the sky grayed over. You can’t win em all I guess. Everyone ran to the comfort of their cars, I ran for shelter under a tree. After about an hour of soaking up as much rain as I possibly could I cut my losses and headed back to town. Luckily for me I managed to get what seemed to be the last room in town. I headed back just before sunset and was greeted with a fantastic view, also the crowds had gone and I almost had the place to my self. As soon as the sun set and the sky became pitch black I decided I’d better head off. The only problem was I’d forgotten where I left my bike. Oh the adventures.
In the morning I figured that I’ll never be back here again so I decided to fly over the canyon in a helicopter, I was well worth small the fortune it cost, the view from above is unbeatable. Your also given a history lesson from the pilot which was quite informative.
Afterwards it was off to monument valley, a ride of 220km. I’ve always wanted to come here ever since I was a kid. Its featured in more westerns that Clint Eastwood and Stetson hat’s put together. As soon as I got here I found somewhere to stay, unloaded all the gear and panniers from my bike and headed off in the 17 mile dirt track. I could spend the whole day in here and tomorrow I most likely will.

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  1. koky was not here says:

    What a fookin Rotter …… A pure Johnny Rotten you are Mate …… Death Valley to Vegas … … .. what a cop out ……. and all the sunshine in Southern California and the Beach in Santa Monica that you could not see in the dark last time you were here was waiting for you with all the bikini’s ladies sporting such style …… and all they said to me was , ” Where is He !!! God Dam it , that crazy cowboy on his Motorcycle promised he’d be here !!! ” Hey so I had to entertain all those bikini’s without you ….. I guess the world kept turning …… good luck on your 2 wheels ……. wheels within wheels is what Rory said ….. out of sight ……. peace bro …… pakie

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