Monument Valley – Yuma

Woke up to rain, ate ,then went back to bed. I finally had to leave at 11am or pay for another night. I really wanted to take the bike back down the valley but not in that weather. Off I went in between showers, its monsoon season here don’t you know, I wish someone told me that before I came out this way. I rode through it most of the day stopping for lunch ect: I’m not going to bore myself by telling you about the weather, what I will tell you about was the thing I saw in the sky out in the middle of the desert.

It was pitch dark and I was ignoring all advice about not riding alone along the boarder especially at night when I saw this flash of light fly past. It was like a shooting star but very low, it flew past for about 30 seconds then blew up in a white flash. I don’t know what it was or wasn’t , I’m just telling you what I saw. It was real cool too. You see some strange things out in the desert for sure and not just at Burning Man.

That reminds me, on my way to Vegas I passed the turn off for Area 51. I was curios about it and just then spied a cop who was pumping gas ( pumping gas, brilliant ). I asked him what was out there, to which he replied ” out where sir” to which I replied ” area 51 sir ” to which he replied “it doesn’t exsist sir” to which I replied ” OK then “. Now I didn’t go down there because I was informed there was nothing out there but I could see the nothing from a near by road. For nothing it sure had a lot of buildings and a massive fence around it. So the mystery go on I’m afraid.

Well I’m now near the border with mexico which I’ll cross some time tomorrow. I may not live much longer, according to most people I’ve met today anyway. I’m going to have my  bike stolen and my head chopped off or just get shot walking down the street once I cross into Mexico. I heard the same before entering Pakistan and Iran and found the exact opposite once inside. The US media dose a fantastic job of scaring the crap out of it’s citizens with horrors stories at home and abroad. They have to keep the war machine going too enrich the rich, the poor just go and die. Every time I come here I notice the country changing, this time it’s not for the better. I think it’s about time that people took some of the burden off Jesus and put some faith in themselves, listened to their hearts and not their evil government and stop fighting with overseas nations on trumped up charges. Building seven did not just fall down.

Rant over, all an all I’ve had a fantastic time here, the people here have been real friendly and fantastic over all. The only 2 assholes I met were both from europe. I could spend another few months here no worries but I got a sort of schedule to keep.

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3 Responses to Monument Valley – Yuma

  1. Rob says:

    Enjoy Mexico – all the too few Mexicans I have met were friendly and funny – I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

  2. joe the celt says:

    Kev you should shave that aul beard into a mexican mustache
    go on for the craic… get a foto beside welcome to Mexico sign

    • KevOK says:

      I would have done Joe but I already passed the sign. Perhaps I look Mexican enough anyhow, I’ve had people asking me stuff in Spanish all day. Its a bit strange not having a clue what’s going on, how did you cope? An American guy I was talking to says it gets worse as you go south, I said how could it get worse do they start speaking Klingon or chirping. Some laugh trying to order dinner earlier too.

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