Encenada- Guerrero Negro

What a day! I spent the first half trying to get my Phone to work so I’d have GPS and a map. I was assured it would be working by 3pm so I took off blindfolded with high expectations, 3 pm came and went and I still have no phone working, Ah well, such is life.

The first 300km today had me questioning my route, the road went through town after town of should I say shit hole after shit hole for about 5 hours.These towns are all destroyed, I wonder was Mexico more prosperous 20 years ago than it is today. There’s abandoned buildings everywhere destroyed in graffiti with all there windows smashed through. Rubbish lines the streets and the dust is thick in the air.

Finally, hours later the road started to climb and the towns got scarcer, in fact the got so scarce I almost ran out of fuel. Once in the mountains you can see the real beauty of Mexico, The mountains are covered in cacti an boulders and the roads aren’t too bad. it’s real peaceful and quiet and there’s no one around for miles. Every now and then the road

just disappear’s for a while to keep you entertained and your holding on for dear life.

Almost out of fuel and I spyed some barrels on the side of the road, If I learned anything form my last trip’s, it’s that barrels on the side of the road equals fuel. As I was being fueled up a guy came walking over to me with a spindle over his shoulder. He was a scruffy fellow unshaven for quiet some time and a little hungry looking. In an American accent he asked me for 1 peso. Now 1 peso where I come from isn’t even money I think its about .004 cent. I asked him what he could get for this and we got chatting.
It turns out he owns the island of Malaki in Hawaii, fascinating guy, he used to write songs for the beetles and Elvis ( who he’s still friends with ) He traveled Ireland with Marilyn Monroe and while there he won the sweep stakes. While he was telling me about how he invented roller skates the thought accured to me that this guy can speak Spanish so I offered to buy him lunch. He was able to translate the menu for me and order as well. We both feasted on shredded pork with rice and beans. It was fantastic and so was the entertainment. He left the sweep stakes money in a bank in Ireland but cant remember which one. I asked him how he got to where we were to which he replied ” walked” I asked him where he was going and he pointed south and said Los Angeles. I told him LA was north and he said it didn’t matter. He also invented the hula hoop.

As I was riding out of town I started thinking how dose some one end up out here in the middle of the Mexican mountains without a notion of where their going or a care in the world. Then I got to thinking about my new friend and wondering where he would sleep tonight.

I ended up riding until 10pm through the mountains in the dark, I got harassed and searched by the military for no other reason then their nosy bastards but finally made it to a hotel someplace. Hope fully tomorrow I’ll find a Nice Beach.. I’ve slept in a different bed 29 out of the last 33 nights, I think I need a rest.

Happy birthday Mum, Love you.

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8 Responses to Encenada- Guerrero Negro

  1. joe the celt says:

    Love it Kev, great story man, you are making me so jealous
    your spanish will improve as you head south i was amazed how
    much i picked up…

  2. kaye OKeeffe says:

    Hi Kev

    That guy you met certainly has an interesting past. Pity you didn’t get to see Ireland!Aussie game. It sounds like it waould have been a good time to celebrate in Oz. Glad your keeping safe,
    take care
    XXX Mum

  3. joe the celt says:

    Ps Kev a put a link to your walkabout on ukgser.com/Ireland section
    just so your county/country men can see how its done… fairplay till
    yerself… keep her lite

    • KevOK says:

      Hi Joe,
      I thought there was a bit of a spike alright, cheers for that. I hope I can continue to entertain ye guys. In cabo san lucas hot as hell.
      You still in London?

  4. Richie says:

    Hi Kev, good stuff keep it up… The weather might be hot over there but it is crap here in Co. Cork…

  5. TONY says:

    good man kev>> keep it up,,

  6. shane says:

    Followed de link from ukgser, trip sounds mega. Ur missing the protest in cork today tho lad.

  7. McQuaid says:

    Trip sounds great, your inspiring a lot of people

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