Guerrero Negro – Loreto – Caba San Lucas

Where was I, right I left Guerrero Negro early enough after breakfast beach bound. I’ve been to a few beaches in Mexico already but they’ve all been pretty crap. It was off to Loreto with me a short ride of 400km. To be honest with you I can’t remember anything about the ride, mostly uneventful and hot, dam hot. I do remember a nice roadside lunch somewhere though. I’ve been riding in temperatures of up to 40.5 degrees Celsius.

I found a nice hotel along the beach and parked up for two nights. I had the whole place to myself practically. There were only two other rooms occupied from what I could figure out. One was by an old American couple, well when I say old , she was he wasn’t, he was defiantly just hanging round waiting for her to cark it so he could live the high life for free, creepy the wrong way round. Although she most likely got rich doing the same thing. Ah touche.

While talking to a waitress I asked her was the season over. She informed me that the hotel’s here are always quiet on weekends and packed during the week. I think Mexicans couldn’t be bothered going on holiday’s on weekends, weekends are for relaxing. They take holidays during the week when they should be at work. Smart people. There is a whole range of activities that you can partake in in loreto. I partook in none. I spent two days stuffing my face poolside and now I feel all the better from it.

I left Loreto at 10am in the blistering heat. It was already 38 degrees at that time. I kept checking my heated grips to make sure they were off, they may as well have been on though, they couldn’t have gotten any hotter. I’ve begun filling my camel back the night before I leave and freezing it so I’ll have cold drinking water for a while, it was completely melted and warm in an hour today, new record.

I stopped for lunch at a little shack on the side of a road some place. These stops are great. Communication is comical, but some how I get food. I’ll eat pretty much anything so I leave it up to them to give me whatever they want. It’s working out fine now. At first I was just asking for anything without cheese, ( myself and cheese have an agreement, I dont eat it and it dosen’t make me sick ) but I had to abandon that request totally. Asking for food without cheese here is like asking someone to make an air-fix model without glue or do a jigsaw puzzle with one piece. Now I just eat it and hope it stays in. I also figured out they sell ice in most convenience stores so I’ve begun filling my pockets with it when I stop for drinks, works a treat at keeping me cool but  it leaves some strange wet patches around the crotch area. I get some strange looks but what do I care I’m a dirty biker.

The road today went mostly through mountains with lots of dangerous twisties. The only problem is the twisties are covered in gravel and nice and slippery. In fact I saw a truck trying hard to pull one of it’s comrades back roadside from over a edge. It was never going to happen, a 15 tonne truck will not pull a twenty tonne truck upright form a ditch no matter what you do with it. I watched them try anyway’s until the heat got to me. About an hour later another tow truck passed me heading in the opposite direction, they must have called for backup. I also saw a gathering of vulture tearing apart a dead cow. A real smelly dead cow.

I’m now in a place called Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja peninsular. I got some work to do on the bike tomorrow so I’m staying here for two night’s before heading back to La Paz and catching the ferry to the mainland.

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  1. kaye OKeeffe says:

    Hi Kev

    Sounds like you had a few days r n r. Good idea. Following your travels avidly. Take things easy, don’t be in too much of a hurry.

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