San Cristobal – Palenque

Hard an all as it was I managed to drag myself away from the deserted beach and back to a town called San Cristobal a journey of 400km. There were seven of us riding the twists and turns through the mountains today. It Was good to have some company for a change , I didn’t have to pay so much attention to the where I was going. The ride was nice and very enjoyable. We found a hotel for about 10$ a night which was fine and went exploring the city. It was defiantly one of the nicest places in Mexico. We had a nice dinner and called it a day. I’ve changed my plans again, I’m now heading to the city of Guatemala instead of Cancun because I really need my final drive seal replaced. It’s still leaking oil and Guatemala’s a bit closer.

The next day 4 of us headed to Palenque a trip of 240km through the mountains, it took about 5 hours the roads are so bad. We had a narrow miss with a flying car about 50 km from our destination. I was just riding along and day dreaming when a car suddenly appeared sideways upside down and in the air heading straight for us. It landed on its roof and skidded to a halt no more then 10 meters from us. I quickly jumped from the bike and ran to the car expecting to find at least one badly injured person inside. I tried to pull the drivers door open but it was completely wedged in , I ended up ripping the outside skin completely off the door. Luckily Wade was able to get the passenger door open and the occupants were able to crawl out. Suddenly the car started up again in the middle of all this. It car was a complete right off but the occupants were surprisingly alright except for a few minor cuts and bruises. Soon there were cars and people everywhere so we decided to take off before I got blamed for ripping the car door in half. Mexico.

We were soon at the ruins of palenque, the ancient pyramids of the Maya, we took a guided tour and discovered it’s a fascinating place. Some strange and gruesome stuff happened there. For more info check out Wikipedia. I could be talking about it all night. Oh and for those of you worried about the end of the world on the 21/12/12 you have nothing to fear according to our guide. That date has well and truly passed already, the calendars are all out for some time.

I’m leaving Mexico in the morning heading into Guatemala and I’m really looking forward to it. Mexico’s been good enough I guess but I certainly wont be back. It’s a huge Country with lots of different climates and vegetation, the place itself is fine except for the rubbish everywhere. It’s the people who make the place if you ask me and it’s a pity but most Mexicans are not very welcoming, you hear horror stories everywhere which I’m not going to get into, they all tell you these stories and finish by saying but it doesn’t affect tourists. Why tell us then? its like they want you to be afraid for no reason. The kids are fine so maybe in twenty years it might be a friendly place.
For me Mexico has too many speed bumps and not enough laughter.

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1 Response to San Cristobal – Palenque

  1. joe the celt says:

    Kev you wont believe this but same thing happened to me on ruta40 a lorry rolled
    and fliped coming towards me only stopped a few feet from me front wheel…scared the crap out
    of me and managed to slow me down even more than my usuall snails pace of travel 😉
    Great write up again, hope you get moto sorted… looking forward to next report

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